Kurt Okraku pledges to improve judicial system of Ghana Football

Dreams FC CEO Kurt Okraku has proposed reforms to the judicial system of the Ghana FA.

The GFA Presidential hopeful pledged to enhance the ‘prosecutor system’ that was put in place by the erstwhile Nyantakyi-led administration.

Speaking during his meet-the-press session in Sunyani, Kurt made compelling arguments in favor of amendments that will revolutionize how the laws of the game are enforced. 

“Don’t we want to develop a product that will be interesting to the corporate world?

If we follow the old system we will not attract the attention of the corporate world. 

Fortunately, after back and forth arguments, this long road map was reduced to three days.

Three days for you to fill your case after the game, three days for the respondent and another three days for the applicant.

I believe we need a system that does not allow points to be taken from the board room as a basic principle. 

Of course if you go against the law, you must be punished, but let’s make the system anti-board room points.

If you know that a player is unqualified, on the day of the game write your protest maximum 24 hours, once you write your  and there is a response within 24 hours the case must be presided on.

The last administration introduced the prosecutor system, this is the system we intend to enhance, we will introduce a system that’s anti-board room points .

So that we have a stable calendar to develop a product to market”

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