Greater Accra Regional Football Association Chairmanship aspirants Eugene Jacquaye has revealed his short term goals for the Greater Accra FA ahead of the upcoming GFA elections.

Eugene Jacquaye will be wrestling with  Samuel Aboabire, Rev. Emmanuel Ankamah and Dr. Albert Arthur who have all picked nomination for the slot.

The outspoken aspirant revealed in his manifesto that, his administration will work on three goals which consist of Short terms ( 6months), Medium term goals ( 6 months to 2 years ) and long term goals (2 to 4 years).

Eugene has since revealed the full list of his short term goals for the Greater Accra Football Association.

1. Relocate the RFA secretariat to a temporal office upon coming into office to help with the New Vision and have space for new departments and employees.

2. Create a website for the RFA with links to all Division 2 clubs, District Associations and women clubs in the region.

3. Modernize the secretariat with all necessary IT equipments i.e Computers , Printers, Scanners and Internet Service.

4. Raise general interest of football in the region through radio and TV program dubbed Grassroots Football Show.

5. Assessment of the current zonal leagues and other district competitions in order to make improvements and attract sponsorship.

6. Review of the structures at the RFA and the district FA. With this above goals, Greater Accra RFA is set to move in the right direction.

The elections for the Regional FA Chairpersons position will be held on October 18 at the various regions.