Normalization Committee SHOCKINGLY favouring some aspirants despite not satisfying nominations requirement

The Ghana FA Normalization Committee has been caught in a shocking show of favouritism and nepotism in giving life lines to some preferred aspirants who failed to satisfy the requirement of their nominations before filing.

Despite vividly indicating that anyone who fails to meet the proper requirement for his nomination will be disqualified, the inconsistent committee has taken a swift 360-degree turn to allow some aspirants who failed the initial requirements the opportunity to go through the screening.

In a statement released by the FA on Wednesday September 25, “Out of the 52 people who filed their nominations, a number of them contesting various positions failed initial screening by the Elections Committee following their inability to satisfy all requirements.”

“The affected aspirants have been contacted and given up to 4 p.m. on Thursday September 26, 2019 to satisfy all requirements.

“Their nominations would be nullified if they fail to meet all the requirements by the deadline given them,” the statement added. understands that some of the aspirants failed to secure the required number of endorsements to make them eligible for the election but the NC has given them almost another week to get the required number and re-file their nominations.

Many are, therefore, question if the NC will allow for those who couldn’t file their nominations before the deadline to file again since others have been given another life line to get the needed endorsement and re-file.

Further checks have also revealed that some of the aspirants were endorsed by bodies that are not, per regulations of the GFA, permitted to endorse candidates for positions in the association.

And the NC has given these aspirants who, by virtue of being endorsed by unauthorized bodies before the closure of nominations, a whole week to make corrections and re-file.

Will the NC therefore allow those who failed to submit their nominations forms due to their inability to get the needed endorsement to file now if they have been able to secure those endorsements?

The posture of the NC at a time stakes are high for the upcoming elections is set to raise strong agitations from some of the aspirants who believe the committee is trying to manipulate the system.

Strangely, the names of those who failed to satisfy all the requirements have been hidden by the NC from their press statement opening room for speculations that the committee are trying to smuggle other candidates into the race.

Following the inability of the NC to officially publish the list of aspirants for the various positions, the speculations are heightened that the NC are playing around the minds of Ghanaians to infiltrate the list of aspirants.

With the stakes high and presidential aspirants seriously unveiling their manifestos and campaigning for the seat of the GFA President and other executive position, it is only fair and just for the NC to offer an equal playing field to avoid any strong agitations that may thwart the elections.

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