Obiba Writes: 5 key talking points from the #GameChanger Manifesto

The Ghana Football Association goes to polls next month and Kurt E.S Okraku has set the tone for issue-based and idea-oriented campaign ahead of the elections by launching the #GameChanger Manifesto, which I believe will be key in who becomes the next GFA President.

Here are 5 Talking points from the #GameChanger Manifesto;

№ 1

– Kurt promised empowering clubs by supplying boots, balls and computers to clubs to aid logistical needs, annually as well as upgrading the pitches for training and matches.

№ 2

The engagement of governments in the development of football is key. Kurt believes the provision of tax exemptions for football teams who import football equipment is vital. He wants to set up a Special World Cup benefit fund. This he believes will help develop the beautiful game of football.

№ 3

Kurt is proposing the adoption of catch them young approach with a referees’ policy by starting at about 17yrs. It’s a way of developing quality referees at a younger age. He said referees groomed from their teens will handle colts matches. It’s all part of a policy to get better referees down the line.

№ 4

The setting up of a central fund to support the development of Women’s Football and Colts football. Mr. Okraku offered his creative strategies to the fund which include but not limited to;
10% of all statutory payments going into the fund, 10% of all payments to national teams in international competitions and 2% of all local transfers into fund. This he believes will enable development of the game.

№ 5

The aspiring presidential candidate of the GFA believes the role of GFA General Secretary should be equal to the function of the CEO of every multinational company.

Should Kurt E.S Okraku be given the nod by the football family to lead the GFA, these five things will be the bedrock of his administration.

Time and only time will be the best judge. Peace!!! Shalom!!!

By: Obiba Prince Ayim Brown

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