Full Speech: Opening remarks by Chairperson Hillary Boaten during Kurt Okraku’s manifesto launch

Remarks by Hillary Boaten, Human Resources Manager of Springfield Group, and the chairperson on the Occasion of the Manifesto Launch of Mr. Kurt Okraku for the Presidential slot of the Ghana Football Association, Tuesday September 24th, 2019 in Accra

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I am really delighted to be here this morning, not because I was asked to chair this function, but as someone who has a passion for the greatest Ghanaian religion which in my humble opinion, is football. My desire, like many of you, is to see Ghana football get back to its glorious days and be managed as a business without losing focus on its entertaining and unifying potential to keep us constantly united as a people.

Let me quickly set your curious mind at ease by saying that although by training I am a Human Resource person, football has always been my first love. So when you hear me speak with such confidence and passion about football, it is from a point of knowledge and not hearsay.

I do not want to recount what has happened to the game of Football in this country and why we arrived at this point. However, all of us gathered here this morning agree on the need to start on a clean slate by abandoning the things that repeatedly set the development of Ghana Football backward and work towards consolidating the gains of the past.

From whatever angle you look at it, the video that circulated (Number 12), has set Ghana on the international stage as a scandal-ridden football nation and the result of that pervasive perception is the squandered interests of Ghanaians in local football, including even their favorite Black Stars.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

It is in light of this huge task before us that we are gathered here to support and outdoor the Manifesto of one of our own who over the years, has demonstrated more than enough commitment and hard work in every department and office that he can be trusted to deliver.

Kurt, in my opinion, has the qualification, the experience and ample insider knowledge of what it takes to manage football at the association level and can bring back the dissipated passion that the game of football needs in Ghana at the moment.

We know how discerning and sophisticated Ghanaian football fans have become these days. This is why personally, I want to endorse an FA Aspirant who will be transparent with the people by openly sharing with them whatever endorsement deals have been clinched with corporate Ghana so that scandals are avoided.

We want an FA President who will not be reluctant to let the media know what his budget is, and how much officials are being given for their role in the management of the national teams.

What is football without the teeming spectators and fans who throng the stadium and watch the games via paid TV to ensure continuity in business for the investor who has put in millions to establish and manage a club?

Dear Friends, there is nothing currently being done by the Football Associations in England, France, Spain, Italy, Germany and Brazil that cannot be emulated locally and conscientiously by men and women of integrity committed to professionalism in the game and ethical business practices that can transform football as a sports even to the point of earning foreign exchange for Ghana as a country.

As a proud lover of football and a strong believer in management creativity, I am convinced that Ghana Football in this period of history needs someone who has the humility to listen to all shades of opinion, possesses the capacity to engage with both national and international associations and governments and still remain down to earth so fans, club owners and the entire sporting fraternity can approach him and share their thoughts on what can be done to make the game, the people one. That individual is no other than Kurt Edwin Simeon – Okraku.

With the massive support we are witnessing here today, I have no doubt that my bet is on the right ‘horse’ to win the race. I want to urge all the delegates who will be voting to select the next FA President to have a good introspection. It is time to reflect on what has happened to Ghana Football in the past and be minded by the sentiments and wishes of all the millions of Ghanaians who want progress and growth and vote massively for KURT OKRAKU to usher in a new age of football administration in Ghana.

The last point I want to make before I take my seat is to invite our Friends in the media to do a fair assessment of the terrain and give us as much coverage and publicity as they would give to all others.

Kurt is one of your own and I know some of you even know his capabilities better than myself. Don’t leave him alone. Ask him questions and I am certain he will happily oblige you your requests if it is possible.
I thank you all for your attention.

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