GHALCA rejects NC release on eligibility, implore them to go by Congress decision

The Ghana League Clubs Association – GHALCA – has rejected the decision of the Ghana FA Normalization Committee to expunge some clauses from the Eligibility Criteria set for the association’s election and has implored them to respect the decision of Congress.

The Normalization Committee on Wednesday announced that the Eligibility Criteria for the upcoming election of the Ghana Football Association has been altered with Clause 2 and 3 of the Eligibility Criteria expunged.

“The Normalisation Committee of the Ghana Football Association, has, in compliance with Article 30 of the new GFA Statutes 2019, expunged Clause 3 and Clause 2 of the eligibility criteria for the President and the Executive Council respectively,” the NC announced.

But in a swift response, the welfare body for all clubs in the country has reacted, calling on the NC to respect decisions taken at the last GFA Extraordinary Congress and resist from altering the rules.

GHALCA has described the Press Release as being in a ‘bad faith’ and want the NC to rescind the decision immediately.

In a Press Statement released signed by the Chairman of the GHALCA – Kudjeo Fianoo – Congress is the highest decision-making of the Association and the NC can’t alter the Eligibility Criteria after Congress has adopted them.

“With regards to the GFA Statutes, Congress being the highest decision making body of the GFA is enjoined by law as the only body to overturn its own decision,” the statement read.

“It’s therefore unacceptable for a key decision on the eligibility criteria for the selection of the next GFA President, Executive Council Members and Regional FA Chairmen which was thoroughly discussed and adopted at the last Extraordinary Congress be overturned through your Press Release,” it added.

The GHALCA then implored the President of the NC to take a second look at the decision not to make the tireless work of all in football go in vain.

The Clause 2 and 3 of the Eligibility Criteria for the Executive Council members being expunged from the statutes by the NC states as follows:

  • Must have played an active role in association football (example as a player or an official of the GFA or Member) for two of the last five years before being proposed as a candidate and must pass eligibility check carried out by the relevant committee or body.
  • Must present declaration of support from at least five (5) members. Being proposed as a candidate by a member shall be understood as a declaration of support. Each member may only present a declaration of support for only one candidate. If a member declares declaration of support for more than a candidate, all of his declarations shall become invalid.

Many, therefore, believe that the expunging these clauses from the GFA Statutes, despite being unlawful will open the doors for non-football associated members to also flood the GFA elections.

GHALCA, therefore, believe that its members will not accept the decision of the NC carried in the Wednesday September 17, Press Release.

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