The treatment for Ghana’s U23 side – the Black Meteors – has been heavily questioned after the technical team were forced to resort to taxis to the airport ahead of their Algeria trip.

The playing body, after their number was forced to reduce from 22 to 18, managed a rickety bus, packing themselves like sardines.

The bus was not enough to carry the whole playing body and the technical team making it necessary that the playing body had to go by two taxis.

While the coaches were forced to manage the taxis, the playing body also had to manage with the bus which had no airconditioner with the luggages. understands that the technical team had resorted to using the private vehicle of Coach Ibrahim Tanko to training and during the match day.

The bus had been the subject of complain by the playing body before their first leg clash with Algeria at the Accra Sports Stadium.

Many of the players complained heavily about the condition of the the bus before the game but had no choice than to manage with it.

The treatment that has been given the team has sparked controversy in the Ghanaian media with speculations that the Normalization Committee and the Sports Ministry attach no importance to the team.

With no government official and no one from the Normalization Committee meeting the team ahead of the clash with Algeria in Accra, and complains that per diems for the team were not paid until a day to the clash with Algeria, many have easily concluded that leadership do not care about the team.

Reports had emerged before the game that foreign-based players were asked to buy their own tickets to fly to Ghana for the game, but the Sports Ministry through their Communication Consultant denied the reports.

Ghana will have a herculean task in Algeria after the first leg ended 1-1 in Accra with the second leg set for Tuesday.

The team will depart Ghana on Sunday evening for Algeria via Ivory Coast where they will spent close to 6 hours on transit before flying to Algiers.

Ibrahim Tanko and his boys will touch down in Algeria on Monday ahead the game on Tuesday.