Randy Abbey believes NC should have met delegates before going to FIFA with new statutes

Owner of Kpando Heart of Lions Randy Abbey believes the Extraordinary Congress of the Ghana FA would have been a little simpler if the Normalization Committee had dealt with delegates in drafting the statutes.

The 5-hour session lasted that long due to arguments and counter arguments from delegates according to Randy.

The former GFA spokesperson was highly optimistic that if the NC had involved the delegates during the early stage of reviewing the statutes, the difference would have been minimal.

“Look, we got to this point because this process we had today (Thursday) should have happened before they took the document to FIFA.

“So what would have gone to FIFA would have been what we proposed today (Thursday) and then FIFA would have just cleared it and that would have been it,” he said.

“That’s what happened in 2004. In this case, the NC decided that it (the statutes) will go to FIFA before it came to us (delegates) and that brought the situation where there were going to be material changes to the document.”

He however admitted that since they adopted the statutes, it ends the debate.

“But there is no point crying over spilt milk. We’ve moved past that block, we’ve reached a compromise and we’ve taken some giant steps,” he added.

A hundred and fifteen out of 123 delegates voted for the new statutes to be adopted at the Extraordinary Congress on Thursday.

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