Dr. Kofi Amoah

Following the 1-1 draw with the U23 side of Algeria at the Accra Sports Stadium on Friday, several commentaries have popped up concerning the output of the team.

Muftawu Nabila, a broadcast journalist with Kwese TV believes the treatment given to the team is highly unfair leading to the draw.

He writes:

“First, the Ministry of Youth and Sports had planned to use the $260,000 CAF sent to Ghana to prepare for AFCON 2019 for the Queens and Meteors games.

The Ministry asked for the cheque to finance the games. Isaac Asiamah was out of the country to the States (after long AFCON, he went for a good break).

Alex Asante, Deputy Secretary General of the Ghana FA, was the man chasing for money to make these arrangements.

Ministry sends for cheque upon return of the Sports Minister from the States, and Kofi Amoah refused to release the cheque.

Amoah is aware the Sports Ministry’s account was/is frozen and they couldn’t access money. They will go to court in the last week of this month over that.

Amoah after doing this, went to the WhatsApp group of the boys, created by head of the technical team and told them qualifying to the Olympics will change their fortunes.

Yaw Yeboah, skipper of the team, after stepping in to respond to that message, spoke to all the other 11 players Tanko invited. He convinced them and they all agreed to come.

They did. Yaw Yeboah was the first to arrive. He trained on Monday and the rest followed.

The Ministry of Youth and Sports called a technical team member to the office to release a statement denying players were asked to buy their own tickets for the game, and that, all players were in camp.

Trust me, he could say nothing and allowed them to release the statement denying.

Meanwhile, only 6 players had arrive. He was only hopeful they will all show up.

My checks at the team hotel showed that most of the players had not arrived, yet the Ministry released a statement denying claiming they were all in camp.

The dishonesty in most of our institutions is killer.

Kofi Amoah, you’ve fought with Asiamah over power to the extent that you wanted to get him hanged, you succeeded, but as key gentleman FIFA asked to run football on the interim, it is your shame.

That was needless show of bravado.