FIFA Rep was going a bit overboard – Frederick Acheampong bemoans

Chief Executive Officer of Ashantigold  Frederick Acheampong has stated FIFA representative Luca Nicola tried to intimidate Congress to accept everything that put before them without proper perusal.

The Young Football Administrator opined Mr Nicola was going overboard in the name of FIFA without any proper scrutiny from congress.

The Extraordinary congress which was held last Thursday at the College of Physicians and Surgeons had a representative from FIFA to help in the reformation of Ghana football,  Mr Nicola who represented FIFA received a lot of backlashes and criticisms after he tried to go overboard with his utterances.

Speaking to after the Congress, the CEO who doubles as a CAF match coordinator postulated what happened at the congress as great news to Ghana football, Achi also louded heavenly on Mr Luca Nicola’s conduct at the Congress.

“We don’t need to jubilate. It is a great day for Ghana football. It represents a great day for Ghana football.

When asked if football people felt intimidated by the actions of the FIFA representative Luca Nicola, the Radio broadcaster answered,

“He was going a bit over board. He wanted to intimidate us in the name of FIFA , what is FIFA, FIFA deal with rules and regulations. This is laws. All the amendment we suggested we made reference to FIFA standard status”

“We were not afraid of what he was saying. That is why were trying to say he should be a bit calm. We were not doing anything contrary to FIFA regulations”.

After the successful meeting and subsequent adoption of the draft NC statutes, October 27, 2019 was the proposed date for the GFA Presidency election which will see the installation of new FA.

By: Fareed Mohammed Awal

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