The CEO of AshGold Sporting Club Frederick Acheampong is not overly optimistic that the election of the Ghana Football Association will be able to take place on the 30th September date earlier announced by the Normalization Committee.

To him, following the amendments, acceptance and adoption of the new statutes of the Football Association, the time is too short for the NC to be able to stage the election later this month.

He postulates that the election could be next month as hinted by on Friday.

“Now what I anticipate is that the NC should serve notice of elections and the requirements and procedures must be made clear, and follow it up with a notice for Elective Congress,” he said.

“But I know for a fact that between now and September 30 which is the deadline given to the NC by FA will not be able to see us through with the elections.

“So obviously, we should expect that this process will override the time period,” he added.

“We may be able to do this probably by ending of next month or mid-November,” he noted.

Acheampong has already announced his readiness to contest for a slot on the Executive Council of the FA when nominations are opened.