The Ghana FA Normalization Committee announced on Wednesday, to the dismay of many, appointed Justice Asiedu, a justice of the High Court of Ghana, to chair a 5-member Ethics Committee, just a day to the associations Extraordinary Congress.

The appointment of the learned judge is not the element of shock but the timing of the appointment, certainly is.

Despite being in office for almost a year now, the NC is only appointing the Ethics Committee with just a few days left to serve their mandate.

Many people are wondering why the appointment is being made at this moment, less than a month to the end of the normalization period, and just a day to the proposed Extraordinary Congress of the FA by the NC.

Some have been left questioning the motive of the Normalization Committee as there are provisions of the new Statutes which clearly prescribe a new way of appointing the members of judicial bodies including the Ethics Committee Members.

These strict provisions are not what have been used to appoint the Ethics Committee Members.

The Normalization Committee is, therefore, prescribing a new way but deliberately avoiding the same new way in this appointment.

In the new statutes, the power to appoint is being given to Congress, so questions have popped up as to the rush by the Normalization Committee to make the appointment this last days of their tenure.

It is also shocking to know that if the Normalization Committee could wait for a year without an Ethics Committee, definitely a further wait of three weeks to the new era is worth it.

Appointing an Ethics Committee to give a fair hearing to those seen in the dramatic Anas video for accepting what has been described as bribes is certainly good, but the timing is clearly wrong.