GFA NC Extraordinary Congress 2019, key highlights

After almost four hours of deliberations at the Extraordinary Congress of the Ghana Football Association held at the College of Physicians and Surgeons in Accra, delegates have accepted and adopted the proposed statutes of the Normalization Committee after making some few amendments.

After the prolonged deliberations, which looked endless, 115 delegates accepted and adopted the new statutes for the Ghana Football Association.

Following the acceptance and adoption, the following key points were arrived at:

1. No more Chairman for the Association but still the title President will be maintained.

2. Number of delegates for Congress will be 120 from the previous 123.

3. There will not be any Board of Directors but an
Executive Council.

4. Executive Council will be made up of 12 members instead of the 11 proposed by the NC and 15 proposed by the the clubs.

5. The composition of the ExCo shall be;

– 5 Premier League reps
– 3 DOL reps
– 2 RFA reps
– 1 Women’s League rep
– 1 President with an automatic vote

6. A 2-term of office of 4 years for the President and 3 terms for other ExCo members.

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