The Delegate present at the Ghana Football Association Congress have accepted the proposed statutes by the Normalization Committee.

The clubs made their inputs and an agreement was reached to accept the statuses proposed by the Normalization Committee.

The changes carried at the Extraordinary Congress are,

The proposed ‘Chairman’ for the head of the Association has been rejected. The name President will be maintain.

The clubs also accepted the change to 120 delegates eligible to vote at Congress despite proposing 110.

The Board of directors has also been changed to Executive Council.

The Executive council will be made up of 12 members instead of the 11 and 15 proposed by the Normalization Committee and Clubs respectively.

The composition of the Executive Council shall be

5 Premier League Clubs
3 Division One League Representatives
3 Regional Football Association Representatives
1 Women’s League Representatives
1 President with an automatic vote.

A two terms of office of 4 years for the President and 3 terms for other Executive Committee members.

Out of 123 Delegates present, 115 have voted YES in support of the adoption of new GFA statuses.

More than 75% required and thus Statutes has been adopted.