Administrative activities at the Ghana Football Association have been forced to a halt following the disconnection of power by the Electricity Company of Ghana over unpaid light bills.

The embarrassing development under the reign of the Normalization Committee has forced the FA to spend a little over $100 a day on fuel to power the standby generator of the FA, but sadly, that does not even last for the entire working hours.

This has left some staff of the GFA in huge frustration as they sometimes sit idle without working.

The situation which is happening at the Ghana FA for the first time in 11 years has forced some of the staff to vacate their office to sit outside due to excessive heat and poor vision in the offices.

The development has also halted activities of the IT Department which has become the engine room of the FA due to the TMS in the transfer of players and the issuing of International Transfer Certificate.

The sad condition of the FA which has lasted for a little over a week has also affected the transfer of some players while others are left in waiting for the ITC.

A few lucky ones get their way through on daily basis as the standby generator of the FA consumes more than a $100 fuel and does not also last for the entirety of the day.

In a clear case of financial mismanagement, the NC has spent close to a $1000 on fuel to power the standby generator when it can be used to settle the debt with the ECG.

With members of the Normalisation Committee havent received their combined monthly salary of $16,500, many are wondering how the FA has not been able to settle their debt with the ECG but are able to pay salaries. however understands that the accounts department of the FA has put in place some measures to offset the debt with the ECG by the close of the week.