‘Congressmen’ set up committee to review NC proposed statutes

The proposed statutes of the Ghana FA Normalization Committee to govern Ghana football is to be subjected to proper scrutiny following a consultative forum by stakeholders of Ghana football held at the Ebenezer Church Hall at Osu.

The forum which was held on Tuesday has set up an eight-member committee to review the proposed statutes of the Ghana FA Normalization Committee.

Call it Congressmen Consultative Forum, and you will not be far from right, the meeting seeks to address the grievances of the stakeholders and address the differences therein.

The forum was attended by Premier League, Division One and Two clubs, Women Football Reps, RFA Reps, Constituent Bodies and other Congress delegates.

The Committee resolved to set up an 8- member committee to within a week, review the draft statutes of the Normalization Committee to ensure they conform to current FIFA standard statutes.

The committee, with Ameenu Shardow, Dreams FC Administrative Manager, as the convener has been tasked to work on the existing GFA Status in relation to the NC draft statutes to ensure compliance with the standard FIFA status.

Other members of the Committee include Heart of Lions Chairman Randy Abbey, Mr. Ntow Fianko, Kofi Manu and Jones Abu Alhassan.

The rest are AshGold CEO Frederick Acheampong, Fabulous Ladies President Madam Abiba Atta and acting RFA Chairman of the Central Region Robert Duncan.

They have been mandated to submit their findings in a week.

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