DOL clubs insist on having 48 votes instead of proposed 24 by NC

The proposal by the Ghana FA Normalization Committee for only 24 delegates from the Division One clubs to vote for the next leadership of the FA is likely to be kicked against by the clubs following a secret meeting held in Takoradi on Thursday.

The meeting which was heavily attended by Club Owners, Directors and CEOs of Division One clubs resolved that each club should be entitled to a vote as had been the previous practice.

The DOL had 48 votes in the previous administration making them key king makers in choosing leaders for the Ghana FA.

But the Dr. Amoah-led NC had proposed in a recent document pending Congress’ approval that the number be slashed by half.

The clubs who think their decision making power is eluding them insist the number must remain 48 to ensure every club has a vote.

The electoral college of the FA which was originally 123 has been reduced to 98 in a recent proposal by the NC but the number is likely to revert to its original state following the posture of the DOL clubs.

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