Albert Commey throws weight behind Kurt Okraku to lead Ghana football

Kurt E. S. Okraku may not have declared his intentions of vying for the presidency of the Ghana Football Association but the support he courts in the football fraternity is overwhelming.

May see him as the right key to unlock the potential higher heights of Ghana football, with Albert Commey throwing his weight behind Kurt to be the next GFA President.

Commey, CEO of Aduana Stars is convinced the Dreams FC Executive Chairman is more than qualified and has the requisite skills to manage Ghana football.

ln an interview with Nimde3 FM, Albert Commey said, “Kurt Okraku has the qualities to lead Ghana football to the Promised Land.”

“In terms of skills and the knowledge of football administration, he’s the best and he has my support,” he added.

Kurt’s dynamism in transforming Dreams FC and making it the best branded local club puts him in a perfect position to succeed Nyantakyi.

His immense contribution to the MTN FA Cup in terms of securing support for the competition from his days as Vice Chairman of the Committee to his position as Chairman of the Committee also gives him a huge advantage.

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