BREAKING NEWS: Phar Rangers win CAS Appeal against GFA, reinstated into DOL

The Court of Arbitration for Sports (CAS) has declared mbattled Ghanaian club Phar Rangers FC winners of an appeal filed against the Ghana Football Association, and has ordered for the reinstatement of the club into the Division One League.

The Mampong-based club filed an appeal against a decision of the Appeals Committee of the Ghana Football Association, after the Review Committee of the Association failed in their adjudication of the matter.

The failure of the judicial bodies of the Ghana FA attach little or no relevance to their grievances forced the Green and Blacks to rub to CAS for proper adjudication.

Despite finishing 12th on the Zone Three table of the 2016/17 Division One League, Phar Rangers had been declared relegated to the Eastern Region Division Two League with Okyeman Planners who finished 13th earning a slot to maintain their status in the DOL.

Okyeman Planners won a protest at the Ghana FA Disciplinary Committee against relegated Okwawu United for failing to pay a fine after their week 29th clash.

Phar Rangers legally fought for their status in the DOL to be restored arguing that since Okwawu United failed to pay their fine before their week six DOL clash, they lose all points in their matches from week 7 to week 30.

Phar Rangers were convinced that some unknown hands were trying to manipulate the system to favour Okyeman Planners who are, by their position, relegated to the Division Two League after finishing 13th on the table.

The dramatic turn of events in the Zone 3 of the DOL had greatly been influenced by the the relegation of Tema Youth and Great Olympics from the Ghana Premier League into the zone, pushing four clubs out instead of the usual last three clubs who go by default.

It took the Disciplinary Committee of the Ghana FA 48 days to respond to Phar Rangers’ protest with a flimsy excuse that they had no jurisdiction over the case.

Phar Rangers filed an appeal at the Appeals Committee and followed it up with 11 reminders from but no response was given forcing the decision to go to CAS.

The determined leadership of Phar Rangers, whose president is an astute sports lawyer, proceeded to CAS and in a latest ruling, they have won the appeal and have been reinstated in the Division One League.

In a ruling by the respected body, the GFA has been ordered to reinstate Phar Rangers in the DOL with the speed of light and also to refund an amount of CHF 6,000 to the club.

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