Human Right Activist Promises Modern Sports Facility

Renowned Human Right Activist, Lawyer Francis-Xavier Sosu has promised to help the people of Madina to acquire an ultra modern sports facility in the area.

According to the lawyer, Madina is a place full of talented footballers but due to lack of support, connection and leverage, they are not able to achieve their aim.

In view of that, it would be in the right frame to get a good sports facility.

“I’m looking at the possibility of a well funded sports project within Madina,” the human right activist revealed.

“You cannot do a tournament if you do not have the facilities,” he added.

He, therefore, indicated his preparedness to help provide sports facilities and support for the youth.

According to him, one of the challenges facing the area is the unavailability of lands, but he was, however, optimistic of making that support a reality.

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