There’s genuine desire by club owners to solve issues concerning our football scene- Yankah

Defunct Ghana Football Association (GFA) Executive Committee Member, Mr Kojo Yankah says there’s a genuine desire club owners to solve issues concerning the development of Ghana Football.

“Yesterday during the Ghalca meeting I saw togetherness and willingness of club owners to solve issues concerning our football scene. I was very happy with the inputs from everyone”

The Western Region RFA chairman also confirmed plans by GHALCA to petition FIFA to order the Normalisation Committee (NC) to call for an Emergency Congress.

“We will write to FIFA about the happenings in Ghana football. It’s not too late for us to take this steps because I believe this is God’s time”

According to a report by FOX FM, GHALCA argues that if the the Ghana Football Aassociation General Regulations are valid to be used by the NC, the the same regulations make it possible for an Emergency Congress to be called at any time when the need arises.

This is an irreversible decision by the clubs and all clubs are expected to go and append their signatures to make it binding.

The petition is expected to be endorsed by all the clubs in a meeting to be held on 7 May, 2019.

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