OPINION: Berekum Chelsea’s decision is misguided

By: Nii Adokwei Codjoe

The GFA NC has to be commended for temporarily banning the use of the Golden City Park, enforcing the GFA’s general regulations on venues.

The response from Berekum Chelsea FC is rather unfortunate and, completely misguided/ uninformed.

Berekum Chelsea FC management has lost sight of the fact that when they applied to be a member of the GFA, in accordance with Article 12.3 of the GFA Statute, they made “a declaration that it agrees to be bound by the Statutes, Regulations and Directives in their current form and subject to later changes as well as by the decisions of FIFA, CAF, WAFU, GFA and of the leagues of which it is composed.”

It is therefore strange that that the President of Berekum Chelsea FC will threaten withdrawal on Monday and make good that threat with a confirmation on the club’s Facebook page.

It is extremely strange because the club declared to be bound by the GFA Regulations as well as decisions of the GFA as here exercised by the Normalization Committee.

Berekum Chelsea’s decision is a complete disrespect of the GFA Regulations and Statute.

It is important to point out further that the club, as part of its membership application to the GFA, further made “a declaration that it undertakes to ensure that these Statutes and Regulations are respected by its own members and by any other person (player or official) with whom it has a contract.”

GFA Regulations are clear about the prohibition of sprinkling of any water, powder or other concoctions in liquid or solid form in or around the field of play, including the dressing room.

But, the same GFA Regulations require every club to only use home venue which has metal inner perimeter fencing to prevent supporters from invading the field of play.

Berekum Chelsea’s home venue has failed this basic test by this incident.

Instead of allowing cool heads to prevail, and to explore how to proof its innocence, leaders are rather fuelling wrong sentiments.

Do we ever learn? Do we want growth?

When it was May 9th, we said “Never Again”, but I don’t know why match venue violence is still happening.

Maybe, it’s because the “never again” is in English. If not, then I don’t understand.

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