Iddi advises Karela to stop “spiritual intimidation”


Inter Allies coach Rashid Iddi insists Karela are a good side and they deserved the win against his side despite some unwarranted actions.

Iddi stressed that the Anyinase-based club are a well-versed side and is better they play to their strength rather than using spiritual intimidations to over come their counterparts.

“Karela played well and deserved to win, they played matured football. But there was some incidents which are things of the past. Coming to the dressing room to see some smelly things on the floor are things of the past, the 70’s and 80’s when we were playing football was when that thing existed. They should stop that.” Iddi stated at the post-match

“See the players we brought, they are academy boys, very young. If they come and see such things in the dressing room, it dampens their spirit. We had to psyche them before they could play. Karela are playing good football so they have to stop those things and concentrate on the game.

Karela who are yet to lose at home since they came to the Premier League defeated Inter Allies by three goals to one on Sunday.

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