More than 300 seats at the VIP section of the Accra Sports Stadium have been rendered useless following the establishment of a VVIP booth during the renovation of the facility.

The booth, which is the VVIP extension of the section reserved for dignitaries, has been planted right at the Heart of the VIP, sitting directly in front of several seats at the section.

Directly behind the booth are 300 seats that have been rendered useless as spectators’ views are blocked with over 100 more having partial view of matches.

All the seats behind the booth are empty because the booth has blocked the view of those who will sit there

The new creation which is believed to have been set up during the 2018 Women’s African Cup of Nations as a presidential lounge forces spectators to stand and watch games.

Others are forced to completely vacate their seats despite buying expensive VIP tickets for that section to other parts of the VIP just to catch a clearer view of games.

Many have, therefore, been forced to stay away from the VIP section of the stadium anytime they patronize the Accra Sports Stadium to watch matches. understands that the booth is not only preventing spectators from watching games at the stadium but the air conditioner is not functioning properly, forcing the occupants of the section to also come out due to heat to stand and watch matches.

Despite not locating the engineer who set up the new booth, patrons of the structure disclosed to, during the clash between Hearts of Oak and Dreams FC, that the structure is near to useless.

“I don’t know who instructed for the establishment of this booth. It’s useless. The air conditioner is not working properly and we have to come out for air,” one person who did not disclose his name said.

“Maybe they did not think about it before putting this thing up. It’s completely useless. Now, we have to stand to watch the game or have to relocate to other parts. I think it must be taken away,” Desmond Quaye, a Hearts fan at the stadium noted.

The National Sports Authority is yet to make any public statements regarding the new booth at the Accra Sports Stadium but it is expected that they, in collaboration with the Sports Ministry will take steps to rectify the situation.