CONFUSION OR LIES: Jimmy Corbblah caught in sharp AFCON contradiction over preparations after Mali defeat

Ghana U20 gaffer Jimmy Corbblah has been caught in a sharp contradiction after blaming the absence of the local league for Ghana’s poor outing at the ongoing U20 AFCON in Niger.

After being knocked out of the U20 AFCON in Niger following the defeat to Mali, Ghana coach Jimmy Corbblah has sharply contradicted himself by saying he did not have the best of preparations ahead of the tournament.

A lone goal from Hadji Drame was the killer punch Mali needed to kick Ghana out of the competition in a Ghana the Satellites could only manage a single shot on target in 94 minutes.

Jimmy in his post-match reaction claimed the absence of domestic football affected his preparations, forcing him to rely on foreign-based players for the tournament.

The comments of the coach have wowed many Ghanaians who believe the coach is only looking for an excuse following the embarrassing exit of the team from the competition.

Several others have also received the post-match comments of the coach with anger, claiming Jimmy is deliberately toying with Ghanaians after guiding a shapeless team to embarrass Ghana in Niger.

A week to the start of the tournament, Jimmy Cobblah had openly said he was satisfied with the level of preparation of his side and was optimistic they will take the group by storm.

In an interview with Happy FM, Jimmy said his side had the best of preparations that will enable them to qualify for the World Cup in Niger without doubt.

“We have gone through the best of preparations that would enable us qualify for the World Cup in Niger,” he told Happy FM.

“Qualification to the World Cup is more important to me than anybody in Ghana,” he added.

Boastfully, Jimmy said his players were capable of playing in two or three positions, hence his utter optimism.

“Our squad is made up of players who can play in two or three positions. Manaf and Kudus would join the team in Niger before the 28th of January”

He continued: “Kudus is the most influential player and his presence alone gives the team a lot of balance.”

Strangely, Jimmy confidently grabbed the microphone and shamelessly told Ghanaians after the defeat to Mali that he preferred to have used local-based players for the tournament instead of the foreign based players he was so confident of.

His post-match comments have not only provoked anger among Ghanaians but have been seen as a direct disrespect to the intellect of many who follow the game.

The Ghana manager who has come under huge criticism after his side was embarrassed by Senegal and Mali in the tournament sharply contradicted himself with his post-match comments, forcing many to describe him a liar and a dishonest manager.

“The absence of the domestic football affected us,” Jimmy said after the defeat to Mali.

“We should have used most of the local boys, …because if you look at the competition most of the teams are using most of their local boys,” he added.

“…but because our boys (local-based players) are not much fit, and there are no competition in our country, we had to rely on the professionals (foreign-based players) who are young boys in Europe.

“They couldn’t come so early and they need to come so late. We have no choice than to organize them and bring them.

Jimmy’s contradiction, seen as a huge sign of incompetence has compelled many to call for his head, insisting he must be stripped off the coaching job.

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