Bellicose NC descend heavily on Ghanaian clubs, describes them as greedy and selfish

Following the cancellation of the Special Competition, the Ghana FA Normalization Committee has pugnaciously described Ghana Premier League clubs as greedy and selfish persisting they are the cause of the quashing.

In an official statement released by the Normalization Committee, core reasons for the cancellation were not given but the truculent committee descended heavily on the Premier League clubs insisting they “…will not allow the inherent greatness of our football to die on the alter of selfishness, greed and braggadocio.”

The confrontational statement which seeks to pitch the Ghanaian public against the clubs failed to nail the reasons for the cancellation but aimed at the clubs in a truculent manner.

While the clubs insisted on knowing the entire financial plan for the tournament and also called for an upward adjustment of the appearance fees, the Normalization Committee assumed an almighty posture, forcefully calling the shots and ignoring the concerns of the clubs.

The Committee after announcing the tournament in December last year failed to see the competition alive in January but rescheduled it to February 6 which was subsequently rescheduled to February 15 following administrative challenges and lack of transparency in budgetary allocations.

The Premier League clubs finally accepted to play the purposeless competition after negotiations with the committee for some increment in the financial package for clubs.

The last meeting between the clubs and the committee paved way for the release of fixtures for the competition, ten days to the start of the tournament.

Ghanaians were, therefore, taken aback to see the competition being cancelled with the committee blaming Premier League clubs for the cancellation.

But the Premier League clubs have hit back at the NC describing them as unfit for the job and exposing their attempt to pitch them against Ghanaians.

The NC, however, claim they are committed to normalizing Ghana football.

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