U20 AFCON: Ghanaian media descend massively on Jimmy Corbblah after disappointing defeat to Mali

Shocked, flummoxed, bewildered, flabbergasted and completely astounded that Ghana failed to pick just a point against Mali to secure qualification to the U20 World Cup in Poland in May, Ghana coach Jimmy Corbblah is the subject of discussion in the West African country.

How he managed to even qualify the team to the tournament still remains a mystery to many.

Mali defeated Ghana 1-0 in the last group game of the African U20 championship to qualify to the next stage of the competition.

In a game Ghana needed just a draw to qualify ahead of the Malians, a second half strike by Hadji Drame ended Ghana’s dream of reaching the semi-finals of the competition meaning they have missed out of the U20 World Cup in Poland later this year.

Top Ghanaian journalists have descended massively on the poor performance of the team, labelling the head coach of the side as tactically inept.

There have been tremendous social media meltdown on the coach of the side who looked helpless while his boys panted for breath in the game.

Kwese Free Sports’ Muftawu Nabila had this to write after Ghana’s exit from the competition.

“Whoever chose Jimmy Corbblah to head the Black Satellites team did Ghana a disservice. What a disaster of a Coach???

Freelance broadcaster Felix Romark also had his say on the performance of team.

“Even if we play 120 minutes, this 🇬🇭 U-20 team won’t be able to score against the Malians. Who gave him (Corbblah) the job in the first place? A coach who said he doesn’t believe in tactics but all he needs is a fit playing 11 and subs, is that one too a coach?

Citi FM’s Godfred Akoto Boafo also tweeted after the game.

“Mali defeat Ghana 1-0 and book a ticket to Poland. No shock with Corbblah’s performance. It’s been on the wall for a month. Poor poor team.”

His compatriots at the same media house Fentuo Tahiru also blasted the coach for his tactical ineptitude.

“That’s what I was saying on #SportsPanorama last night. You can give Jimmy Corbblah or any coach all the video analysis of the opponents all you want, he still won’t outsmart them with a tactical strategy. He shaaa! Simple as that!”

Atinka Fms Saddick Adams wasn’t impressed with the team either.

“I can hit my chest and say, this Ghana team currently in Niger, is NOT, and does NOT represent the best U-20 players in this country. They can go ahead to win the cup, but the team is not Ghana’s best young talents. Never”

Herbert Boakye of the Finder Newspaper also expressed his shock with the team output.

“A Ghanaian team that cannot string two or three passes without losing possession. So what did they do at the pre-tournament camping?? Even if we qualify Jimmy Cobblah should be sacked. He is not cut for the job.”

Journalists Nathan Quao also expressed his shocked with the comments of the coach after the game

“I don’t get Jimmy Corbblah kraaaa. He says the team was not prepared for the tournament. Ah ah ah!!!!”

Senior journalist Ebo Appiah could not hold his words and expressed his joy for not wasting his time to watch the team.

“I didn’t watch even a single minute of Ghana U20 and I’m so so gladIi didn’t waste my tympanic membranes on such a fruitless bunch of rastafarians.”

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