Normalization Committee caught in gargantuan vicious cycle of lies, milking GFA accounts as FIFA doesn’t pay their allowances

The Ghana FA Normalization Committee has been caught in a shocking web of lies following revelations that members of the committee are paid allowances from the coffers of the GFA, and not from FIFA as has been reported earlier.

This sudden revelation has shocked the football family following claims by members of the committee that they receive their allowances from FIFA and not the Ghana FA.

This blatant show of lies was preceded by an earlier outburst by a member of the committee, Kofi Duah Adonteng who arrogantly insulted a journalist at a press briefing for questioning his lateness, adding “I’m not interested in this stupidity anymore.”

Duah Adonteng in furtherance of his ‘stupidity’ comment charged that the committee members are doing a voluntary work and are not paid, hence he will go to work and earn something before attending their meetings, in justification of his lateness to the presser.

The claim of doing a voluntary work that had been the anthem of the committee was meant to court affection from the Ghanaian public as the erstwhile GFA Executive Committee members had been hugely lambasted for taking an ex-gratia of $15,000 over a period of 4 years.

Duah Adonteng’s justification for his lateness was allowed to fester by the Normalization Committee without any objection from the other members until the Ghanaian media uncovered that the committee members actually take money and are not doing a voluntary work as they alluded to.

Further discoveries revealed that the committee members are receiving $4000 each with the President Dr. Kofi Amoah taking $5200 on monthly basis.

Blatantly and arrogantly telling Ghanaians the cock and bull story of working as volunteers, the committee, through their spokesperson, defending the monthly allowances they receive, told Ghanaians that the allowances given to the members of the committee are from FIFA and not the Ghana FA.

Shockingly, has discovered that the claim of the spokesperson is another degree of palpable lies as the committee members are actually paid from the dollar account of the GFA.

This jaw-dropping revelation of the committee members actually signing at the accounts department of the Ghana FA to take their monthly allowance has left a lot of people who accused the former ExCo members for taking ex-gratia in utter shock and dismay.

While many thought the former GFA ExCo members were greedy for taking an ex-gratia of $15000 for a 4-year period, members of the Normalization Committee have not only been described as liars but also as self-indulgent people whose only interest is to milk the meagre resources of the ailing Ghana FA.

With just four months in office, the President of the Normalization Committee alone, Dr.Kofi Amoah, has received $20,800 while each of the three remaining members have taken $16,000.

As the news take a lot of people by surprise, the committee members also take sitting allowances during meetings and per diems when they travel on football duties, a phenomenon the football media raised eye brows on during the previous administration.

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