Premier League clubs set to withdraw from Special Competition as stubborn NC refuses to address concerns

The sixteen (16) Premier League clubs look set to withdraw from the Special Competition after the Ghana FA refused to deal with their concerns.

The GFA, led by a Normalisation Committee insist on imposing draconian terms on the clubs in a desperate attempt to win plaudits from increasingly frustrated football fans.

A meeting held between representatives of Premier League clubs and the Normalisation Committee on Thursday failed to achieve desired results as the interim GFA leadership insist it’s either their way or nothing.

President of the NC called the bluff of clubs who have threatened to boycott the competition over unacceptable terms by suggesting their withdrawal will only free up their budgeted funds to cater for women football and even clubs in the regional leagues.

This position was made official in a release from the Ghana FA where it urged the Premier League clubs to participate in their competition as it is.

The release also issued an ultimatum to the clubs to confirm their participation by 10am on Friday.

“Due to time constraints and a well laid out plan, we will proceed with the program as proposed and will appreciate if you participate in the competition as scheduled,” portions of the release read.

“Finally, we will appreciate your response by 10:00hrs tomorrow, Friday 11th January, 2019.”

But the clubs according to sources, will see out their threat of withdrawing rather than selling themselves cheap to the Normalisation Committee.

The Ghana FA has pledged a paltry GHc 20,000 to the clubs to play a minimum of eight matches.

This is considered woefully inadequate as the amount could only support the clubs for up to just three matches.

The NC is also insistent on keeping the format of the competition which has been widely criticized.

Plans to also have bonuses paid directly to players from the GFA and not through the clubs which is the proper thing to do has been rejected.

With all these concerns not attended to and addressed, the Normalisation Committee leaves the Premier League clubs no choice than to withdraw from the competition.

This will certainly take some shine off the Special Competition as it will be without some of the most glamorous clubs in Ghana including giants Asante Kotoko and  Hearts of Oak.

Meanwhile the media launch of the competition has been scheduled to come off at the GFA secretariat on Friday.

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