Clubs kick against GFA proposal to pay players directly for Special Competition

A host of clubs have rejected a proposal from the Ghana FA to pay incentives for the upcoming Special Competition directly to players.

The Ghana FA announced to club representatives plans to dedicate parts of their earnings from the competition to solely the players.

During the stakeholders meeting with club representatives at the GFA Headquarters on Tuesday, it was announced that for 50% of the earning of the club that wins the competition will go to the players.

This is an innovation being employed by the Normalisation Committee following their consultations with players.

But club officials are already kicking against this move.

“I cannot wake up one day and come to the FA and say I am going to pay any form of incentive to the staff only because I have the funds to do so,” Administrative Manager of Dreams FC Ameenu Shardow told

“As clubs, we engaged our players solely based on the negotiations and agreement we have with them for which reason we have a contract.

“And in any case, who says that players are the only factor of success. In my club for instance, we believe that even the groundsman the cuts the grass to enable the players to play must share in the benefits of success.

“Not to talk of the coaches, people in management and all who are directly linked to the success of a team.

“I think this idea must be quickly abandoned because it has the risk of causing internal problems between the clubs and their employees which is the players. I don’t know where this is done.”

The Ghana FA announced that the winner of the tournament shall receive GHc 100,000 with another GHc 100,000 reserved to be distributed only to the thirty registered players of the competition.

Runner’s up shall receive Ghc 75,000 with yet another GHc 75,000 reserved to be distributed only to the thirty registered players of the competition.

The Normalisation Committee however pledged to do further consultations on this move following the protests of the clubs before rolling out the competition.

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