Togo coach Jean-Paul Yaovi gracious in Ghana huge defeat

The Togolese managed to hold the Black Meteors to a 1-1 scoreline after the first half but completely broke down against a talented Ghana side in the second period.

The team of Ibrahim Tanko attacked with more numbers and created several goalscoring chances. Kwabena Owusu scored a hat trick as Osman Bukari and substitute Nassam Yakubu Ibrahim – the son of the team’s goalkeeper’s coach Nassam Yakubu – added a goal each.

And Togo’s coach Jean-Paul Abalo Yaovi – who is former Togo international and current assistant coach of the Togo national team – was gracious in defeat.

“The Ghana team deserved their victory. They dominated the game and had more possession. We played as a team but individually we are not on the same level as our opponents. They had some individually excellent players and it was complicated for us. We have had our issues before this game ” Jean-Paul said after the game.

“We managed to score a goal to come level but if you look at the game well we had the opportunity to make the game 2-2 but unfortunately the ball did not go in. You have to salute the Ghana team. They are deserve to win.

“We will now go back and wee what happens in the second leg in our home.”

When Jean-Paul was asked whether he believes his team can overturn the huge deficit to qualify he responded ; “In football everything is possible”.


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