Tactics versus Prayer

In all things we give thanks to God as the one solely responsible for our successes and failures and when in need we turn to the creator of the Universe for help but former Ghana Premier League winner Enos Adepah – speaking to FootballmadeinGhana.com – has said that when he is in a difficult situation to win an important game he will prefer TACTICS ahead of PRAYER. 

“I prefer tactics to prayer to win games because God is not a magician.” Enos Adepah answered when quizzed which will he choose in case he has to win a important game.

“I believe in my tactics. I am not the type of coach who will rely on God to win matches..” Adepah told FootballmadeinGhana in a wide-ranging interview last Friday.

For many people a prayer to God or any other deity can help a team win a football match. For others football is a science and Prayer simply does not work but Adepah goes on to imply that sometimes favor from God or a deity is needed to make a coach’s tactics work.

“This is also not to say I don’t believe in God. You have to know that in all things that we do we still need the help of God. That is why we pray. But I do not rely on prayer for sort of luck to win games. I put my trust in my tactics and players to win games not prayer.” he explained further.

But veteran coach J.E Sarpong spoke to FootballmadeinGhana.com and gave a different perspective.

“Obviously you cannot rely on prayer to win games or championships. It doesn’t work that way but what I want to add is that prayer in football is a sort of ergogenic aid. It represents a minute part in football as a performance enhancer” coach Sarpong told this website.

“You watch the EPL and you never see the players group to pray whether before or after games. But for us here (Ghana) it is our culture. Others elsewhere don’t do it. There are lot of teams out there who do never pray before games but they win matches and trophies.

I don’t necessarily instruct my players to pray before and after games but is something my team of players normally do. It is a ritual. When players sing (‘Jama’) before games it is to boost the morale of the team. That is what prayer does. It enhances the performances of the team” Sarpong said.

“Another thing is that God helps those who make efforts” he added.



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