GHALCA proposing massive cut on RFA numbers at GFA’s ExCo

The GHALCA Special Committee is proposing a reduction of representation of Regional Football Association on the Ghana FA’s Executive Committee from ten (10) to six (6).

This is one major takeout from the committee’s report which was submitted on Monday evening and being circulated to all GHALCA members for their consideration ahead of next week’s general meeting.

According to the committee, this reduction is a proportional representation of Congress to the Executive Committee.

The committee argues that the RFA’s make up less than a quarter of the GFA Congress and thus same must reflect on the Executive Committee with the larger share going to national league clubs (Premier and Division One) whose representative numbers at the 123-member Congress as at now, stands at 80.

This proposal is however expected to face stiff opposition especially from representatives of the RFA’s as they’ll certainly feel it is a move to reduce their influence on the powerful GFA Executive Committee.

The proposals from the GHALCA Special Committee will however be tabled before members clubs for further deliberations before a final draft is arrived at.

This final draft will then be presented to the Normalisation Committee for their consideration in their ongoing work on reforming the GFA.

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