Veteran journalist stands up to uncultured member of GFA Normalisation Committee

Seasoned sports journalist Ekow Asmah ended up making the biggest news at the maiden press conference of the Ghana FA’s Normalisation Committee.

Asmah, a regular panelist on Asempa FM was resolute in exposing a member of the NC – Duah Adonteng – who had arrived to his own press conference over an hour late and had the nerve to be bullish in his reaction when confronted with the truth.

Duah Adonteng clearly lacks the emotional intelligence to serve on such a committee which will constantly be in the public space.

“I am not interested in this stupidity,” was a reaction by the lawyer who was rightly chided by Asmah for arriving over an hour late for his own press conference.

Make no mistakes, Asmah’s spat is not merely against a clearly uncultured member of the Normalisation Committee who happened to be late for his own press conference, but also a challenge to the persistent disrespect to the media.

Notices will often be circulated for an official media engagement at a SPECIFIED time.

It is now becoming an accepted norm that these advertised events are never started on the time. They usually take off over an hour late and that was the point Ekow Asmah – a sports journalist of many years standing – was trying to drum home.

And as he stood resolutely to make this point, a colleague journalist who has now been appointed the spokesperson of the Normalisation Committee acting on the orders of his boss, had his arm outstretched to take the microphone off him.

But the point had been made!

Watch video of Asmah’s heroic challenge below:

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