JUCOAG: Key takeaways from annual meeting of Juvenile clubs of Ghana

The Juvenile club owners association of Ghana(JUCOAG) held their national meeting yesterday at the Accra Mall.

This was to enable the association to review the strategies taking place to make the regions active.

Below are the key takeaways of the meeting.

1.The national executives will be touring all the regional branch members& executives for an official introduction and will give education of JUCOAG to them date will soon be out.

2.All members should pay their dues to enable them to be active members .

3.Non active executives will soon be removed to make way for active interested executives.

4.15th October, 2018, this national WhatsApp platform will be dissolved then,all regional members who have paid their membership fee will be there to enable all regional executives work active then to progress and strengthen all regions nationwide.

5. A Seven member committee will be set up to form the Disciplinary committee that will ensure the application of the disciplinary measures.

6. All passport pictures should be submitted to all regional branches for the processing of membership cards which starts now to 31st October, 2018.  Failure to do so will attract a penalty or may not get the ID on time.

7.The JUCOAG NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP CUP is slated to happen next year April date will soon be out then venues on search as well.


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