Coker opens up on Owusu’s car return


Special advisor to Kotoko chairman Dr. Kwame Kyei, Nana Gyambibi Coker has explained the reasons behind the club order for Jackson Owusu to return his car to the club.

According to Coker, The club chairman did not buy the car officially for Owusu but only gave it to him to pay in installments of which the player failed making him to demand the return of the vehicle.

” It’s like you bought something from someone on credit with an assurance to pay on a given date which you failed to, and he asks you to return the item”, Coker demonstrated to Fox FM

“I cannot explain what he (Jackson Owusu) agreed with Dr. Kyei before Dr. guaranteed for him, but what I have been told is that Jackson made Dr. Kyei to serve as a guarantor for him so that he pays at the agreed date, so if you failed to pay and the owner demands a return of the car, I don’t think that should be a problem” he concluded.

According to Coker, it is never true that Kotoko took back the car due to disagreement over Jackson’s decision to leave the club.

By: Abdul Wadudu Osman

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