Feature: Hypocrisy in Ghana football must stop


I was glancing through my whatsapp this evening while arguing with my colleagues on issues pertaining to Ghana Football currently. To my utmost surprise, I saw a press release in one of the groups I join on social media, the heading was ” GOVERNMENT SETS UP INTERIM COMMITTEE TO MANAGE GHANA FOOTBALL.”  I was happy because I want our game to grow by any ever means.

After reading the exciting heading, I went ahead to look at names and all of a sudden, I started shivering (in Coach Johnson Smith voice), I was shocked and surprised at some of the names I saw in the list.

For a start, I think Dr. Kofi Amoah is the only competent person amongst the members in the five-man committee, I will always respect him for the wonderful job done during the hosting of the CAN 2008, if we want to save our game from the supposed shambles, he is one of the men to rely on.

Away from him, I saw Eva Okyere, and the first question I asked myself was, was she not part of the Disciplinary committee who did us a lot of disservice under Kwesi Nyantakyi? She has become a saint overnight because she wasn’t in the video right? But some competent personalities in the Nyantakyi administration were ignored (Hypocrisy will kill us).

I continued reading through the names, and the next name was Rev Osei Kofi, (Charley, I nearly had malaria) Ahhhhh why Rev Osei Kofi, for what? Someone hinted me that he has loads of history in his head so he will help, I considered that as a joke, we need astute brains not historians (with all due respect to Rev)

Well just when I taught there might be hope in the remaining list, I saw Abedi Pele. Others have raised issues about his Nania FC bumper score line against Okwahu United, that’s not even my case, let’s take that case out, and analyze his administrative brains, you will know it’s -1. Football Administrative brains is different from the brains used in playing the globular leather

I don’t want to talk much about Dan Kweku Yeboah but am sure he is there because he is a critique of the past FA (not taking anything away from him and his brains). Sir, the platform is now yours prove me wrong.

I won’t talk about Cudjoe Fianoo, read about GHALCA, you will know more about him and don’t forget to read about him at Ashgold SC also.


The above write up is purely my thought.

By: Francis Hema

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