Corruption is everywhere not only football – Head Coach Skyy FC Abdul Malik 


Head Coach of Skyy FC, Abdul Malik has jumped to the defence of referees who appeared in the Anas Aremeyaw Anas Number 12 video.

Coach Abdul Malik claims the referees who were seen taking bribes in the Number 12 Video aren’t the only corrupt individuals in the country.

According to the former Sekondi Eleven Wise tactician, looking at the systems in the country, he wasn’t surprised seeing referees being bribed to influence the outcome of games and added corruption is almost everywhere.

“With our system here, I will say am not surprised at all, because it’s almost everywhere not in the game alone, it’s almost everywhere in the nation, so I wasn’t surprised at all” Coach Malik told Footballmadeinghana in an interview.

When asked if he doesn’t feel down that results of games are predetermined before they are played, he said he has always advised administrators who engage in that act to stop because it doesn’t help to see a good team.

“I have always talked about it that administrators must put a stop to it, because by doing this, you won’t even see a good team” the Head Coach of Sky FC added.

By: Francis Hema

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