Yeboah silent on FA Job

Former Ghana striker Tony Yeboah is mute on whether the Government of Ghana will give him the opportunity to be part of the yet to be announced FA or not.

The Frankfurt legend stressed that he has read various post on social media linking him to the jonb but nothing has been communicated to him officially.

“I have seen several posts on social media linking me with the FA job but it may happen that it is either true or false because some time ago, it went viral that I’m dead and gone which of course was a rumor. I will therefore like not to rush by drawing quick conclusions but rather will take my time to evaluate things before taking any action.” Yeboah told Agyenkwa FM

“I really know there is a big problem at the FA of which whoever is tasked to serve there won’t take things for granted due to the decayed nature of our football and starting it all again won’t be easy.”

“It is a very good decision for the government to come out with the idea of dissolving the FA. We are looking forward for the injunction to be released for football to proceed”.

“With my experience I have in Europe and in football, I decided to help the up and coming footballers but when I saw how bad our football is being managed, I decided to finally quit in order to avoid disgracing myself because should I have continued, I would have indulged in problems with many top officials of which I wasn’t ready for that.”

The one-time lethal weapon also emphasized that he has lost interest in the globular leather following his decision to dissolve Yegoala FC.

“I have been out of football for a longer period of time ever since I dissolved Yegola FC. My interest now has drop to Golf. I always play Golf 2-3 times weekly.”

“I absolutely know nothing about football now not even the start of this world cup mundial. I totally lost interest in football and that is a fact. If the government gives me the nod to serve the country, I will consider those whom I will work with to see whether it will suit.”

“Everything about our football now has decayed. For our football to start functioning again, we need restructure our colts football.” He added.

Yeboah is said to have been appointed by the government alongside his ex-teammate Abedi Pele and Dr. Kofi Amoah to lead the FA on interim basis following the Anas expose on corruption in our game.

By: Abdul Wadudu Osman

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