Editor’s take: In the maze of Dreams FC’s victory

Love or hate it, Dreams Football Club is an emerging football brand that’s leaving very good impressions on the minds of those who care to take good notice of all that the club has been up to since its return to the Ghanaian Premier League and even before.

From the off-season to the season proper, the conduct of Dreams FC in the Ghana Premier League, continuous to earn it more admirers and that, isn’t wouldn’t change now as managers of the club are in no mood to lower the standards that have given us the respect we have in the eyes of right-thinking football fans in the country.

But as it’s in real life, good brands often and needlessly become the envy of those who aren’t ready to accept it, either because of their own inadequacies or that, they just don’t like you. Dreams FC can deal with both scenarios. Yes, it can.

In the past few weeks, watching the conduct of both Hearts of Oak and Asante Kotoko in matches involving Dreams FC, I’m almost coming to the conclusion that, the two clubs, who undoubtedly command the biggest following in Ghana football, are becoming very intolerant of Dreams FC. Why?

The reasons are not difficult to find. Without fear of contradiction, Hearts and Kotoko have had distressful managerial issues in recent years thus contributing painfully to their slumber on and off the field. While Hearts of Oak appear to be gearing up to wash their ‘dark’ managerial cloak, there seems to be little or no hope for Kotoko, whose skeletal management has offered scanty hope for their fans so far.

This feeling of hopelessness within the ranks of some Hearts and Kotoko fans, is making them see Dreams FC, who are charting a brilliant managerial path, as an easy target for cheap, meaningless mudslinging. They won’t succeed.

When Hearts hosted Dreams FC in Cape Coast on match day four, Dreams FC players were subjected to senseless acts of maltreatment including denying them access to their changing room upon arrival at the venue. Hearts of Oak won 1-0 after the stern competition Dreams FC gave them.

Some of their fans strangely reported that, Dreams FC rather intimidated their team. Perhaps it was tactical intimidation on the turf or that Dreams FC’s corporate image intimidated them, otherwise, the most reasonable conclusion to draw is that, something is fundamentally wrong with Hearts of Oak of today, so much that they get upset at the sight of Dreams FC.

Enter Kotoko on match day seven. Unlike Hearts, they were beaten 1-0 by Dreams FC. Their officials have been running to the media also complaining of intimidation. You can dismiss that report because Kotoko was evidently overpowered at Dawu.

It’s unfortunate that, Kotoko Chairman, Dr. Kwame Kyei suffered the embarrassment of having to be delayed at the main gate to the venue because Kotoko operatives who had his ticket and car pass were not immediately available when he arrived.

Dreams FC’s Administrative Manager, Ameenu Shardow, coming in to ensure that, the Kotoko leader, eventually had unhindered access to the venue vindicates the position that, we aren’t interested in doing things that tarnish our reputation and surely the image of Ghana football.

Why Kotoko’s twitter handle hastily reported that, Dr. Kyei was denied access and my friend; photojournalist, Gideon Boakye Botwe, also prevented from his doing his work, confirmed their eagerness to make Dreams FC look bad but they failed.

In case the handlers of Kotoko’s twitter account don’t know, let them be reminded that, their over-enthusiastic, outrageously eccentric conduct on Sunday, did no good service to Kotoko’s reputation. Dreams FC, being who we are, will not resort to violence to win matches because the price we will pay for that will be too costly.

As a professional football club, Dreams FC stand firmly by the best practices in the game and that’s what we will employ to contend with any club or any football brand in the Ghana Premier League. This shouldn’t be difficult for Hearts of Oak and Asante Kotoko to accept. Dreams FC respect them for who they are. They should accord Dreams FC the same respect.

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