Accra Hearts of Oak Chief Executive Officer, Mark Noonan has expressed his disappointment with the delay to the start of the Ghana Premier League.

Noonan, speaking to the press at his official unveiling on Wednesday said, they case shouldn’t have been taken to court, expressing surprise at the developments that have led Ghana football to its current stalemate.

“I’m very disappointed that that’s the case. It’s a situation I’ve never seen before and the fact that it’s a pretty simple ssue. Was the player legal or not and why must it take court of law to solve that” he asked.

Mark Noonan also admitted that, he needs to know more about Ghana football before drawing any conclusion.

“Maybe I’m naive about Ghana soccer and there are things I need to figure out. But from the outside, it seems egos and politics are more important here than football and the supporters which should never be the case” he stated.