Former Deputy Sports Minister of Ghana, Alhaji Lamin has challenged the ministry to invite Alhaji Ahmed Bandoh for proper investigation.

Bandor, a businessman pointed out that the amount announced by the GFA and the Ministry in the USA friendly game was false.

The Ministry and the GFA came out that the amount gotten from the friendly game with the Yankees was $450,000 but the businessman insists it was rather $150,000.

According to Lamin, there could be an iota of truth somewhere and has tasked the Sports Ministry led by Hon. Isaac Asiamah to invite Alhaji Bandoh for interrogation.

“I will have called the businessman for proper investigation but the Sports Minister Hon. Isaac Asiamah is afraid to do so of which I don’t know why,” Lamin stated.

“We shouldn’t let the matter go just like that, we must pursue it to it bottom because it’s a very serious issue and also of national interest,”

Ghana lost 1-0 to Mexico and 2-1 to USA in the two friendly games.

By: Eric Kwabena Adjanor