Mohammed Alifoe with the President of Prishtina in Sweden

Dreams FC President Mohammed Jiji Alifoe has arrived in Sweden to watch the Europa League qualifying game between Norrkoping and Prishtina which features Ghanaian striker Abdul Khalid Basit.

Alifoe is in the company of some football scouts to check on the progress of the former Dreams FC striker who scored 13 goals for Prishtina in the Kosovo league last term.

Basit’s goals helped Prishtina finish second in the Kosovo top flight to earn a place in the qualifying stage of the Europa League.

Several scouts have been alerted of the prospect of Basit who left Dreams FC to join Prishtina last year.

A move could be in the offing for the 21-year-old striker if he excels for Prishtina in Wednesday’s Europa League clash.

He is considered the most dangerous player in the Prishtina ranks which has prompted several cautions from the Swedish media to the Norrkoping technical staff.