World Football governing body FIFA has imposed a one-year suspension on Ghana international Samuel Inkoom.

According to a release by FIFA, Inkoom is owing his former agents Andy Evans and Curtis Willet an amount of $65,000 from a transfer.

Both men are said to have secured Inkoom’s move to DC United in 2014 but the Ghanaian declined to pay them  their agency fee.

“In view of the notification dated 20.06.2017, pursuant to item 4 the decision of the FIFA Disciplinary Committee of 15.12.2014, DS of BFU imposed to Samuel Inkoom- a former competitor of FC ‘Vereya’ Stara Zagora punishment suspension of competition rights for a period of one (one) year or until the date of payment of the entire amount owed to the creditor,” part of the ruling from FIFA read

The former FC Bael star could be spared if he is able to pay the debt.

By: Edmund Okai Gyimah