The sister of Ghana midfielder Kwame “Conte” Bonsu, Nana Yaa Boatemaa Bonsu has emphasized that his sibling is not a rapist nor an aggressive person and he has just been framed up by his ex-wife.

Boatemaa Bonsu who is the senior sister of the jailed Gefle IF footballer pointed out that the Swedish woman is just bitter and is trying to find a way to pay her brother back as Kwame caught her flirting around with other men and decided to end their marriage.

“My brother is not a rapist nor a bully, he cannot even hurt a fly how much more a human being. Is a false accusation from his ex wife.” Boatemaa Bonsu indicated.

“She cheated on my brother and he found out and decided to divorce her and out of jealousy she is doing that to him. But our God reigns and he will surely let the truth prevail,”

“People should not say what they do not know please, Kwame is not a bad person and those who know him can testify”

Bonsu, 22, was on Friday sentenced to two years in prison by the district court in Gavle for allegedly raping and physically assaulting his Swedish wife.

Per the judgement, Bonsu is to pay $28,000 to the woman as compensation and he will be deported back to Ghana never to return to the Scandinavian country after serving his jail term.

By: Edmund Okai Gyimah