Abdul Khalid Basit

Ghanaian striker Abdul Khalid Basit emerged the third highest scorer in just his first season the Kosovo top fight with Prishtina.

The former Dreams FC player finished with 14 goals, the same as Drenica’s Granit Arifaj.

Basit’s goals especially in the second half of the season powered Prishtina to second place in the Superliga – five points adrift champions Trepca.

Basit joined Prishtina late last year and took some time to adjust in the league.

But he scored in eight successive games in the second half of the season to rack up his season tally to 14.

He fell behind Florent Hasani of Trepca who scored 16 goals and the eventual Golden Boot winner Oto John, also of Trepca, who scored 27 goals.